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The experienced contractors at Solid Drywalls have the skills necessary to complete any home addition project quickly and efficiently. Some of our home addition services include:

Crown and Cornice Moulding


Crown and Cornice Moulding:

Solid Drywalls offers supply and installation of Authentic crown moulding. Crown Moulding is the fastest way to make any room stand out and well balanced. It adds richer style to any home and increases property value by up to $10,000. For past 10 years in business Solid Drywalls Classic Moulding earned a reputation for sophisticated and innovative home solutions, which combine classic elements, functional approach and liveability.


Solid Drywalls Classic Moulding will be happy to install our crown moulding and other products in the Greater Toronto Area. We offer professional service, quality products, scheduled installation Service, unbeatable pricing, no Hidden Fees, Trusted and Insured 100% Customer Satisfaction. Ask us what else can increase your property value. Contact us for your free Crown Moulding Installation estimation.


Our Moulding comes in a wide variety which gives your home a unique, new look. Crown mouldings separate the area between home’s walls and ceiling, and can be used to create a striking look of classic elegance in a modern home. Our Moulding selection come in a variety of different styles and sizes. Cornice mouldings, like crown mouldings are decorative elements that conceal the portion of the wall where it meets the ceiling. Cornice is the proper term for crown moulding, and when talking about one you are talking about the other.




Coffered Ceiling


A coffered ceiling adds dimension to any room. If you are looking for a way to add a beautiful and unique element to the architecture of your space, consider a coffered ceiling. A coffered ceiling is a classical component of architecture that involves a series od squares recesses in your ceiling. This architectural trick can be used to highlight and accentuate the area in a variety of ways, and is often used in dining and living rooms to add heft and tradition to the area


Your coffered ceiling addition can easily be used to create a gorgeous interior design that centres around pattern or light, and can add dimension to any living area. By using unique patterning, you can create a textured, layered and detailed area that draws eyes to it. Doing so can create a sleek, traditional architecture that really brings out the heavy formality of your space. If your room looks too plain, adding coffers will add the detail you need to keep the eye pleased. You can orient your ceiling around a light fixture, or go for the more modern approach of simply inserting pot lights into the ceiling.

A coffered ceiling must be very precise and well designed, as sloppy and uneven work is immediately noticeable. Our company has installed many coffered ceilings in the past, and we make it our responsibility to provide you with the absolute best service and quality available. Visit our website gallery of past coffered ceiling installation projects for ideas.








Wainscoting has become one of the number one choice when it comes to decorating your home. Not only it is affordable, it gives your home character and unique look. Wainscoting is a type of decorative wooden trim that can act as a protective surface on the bottom 3 to 5 feet of a wall. This kind of trim is generally made of wood, and can be found in a variety of patterns and styles. Wainscoting is a traditional kind of trim that is often applied in conjunction with crown mouldings to achieve a distinct look. Make sure to take a look at our GALLERY and see our featured wainscoting installation projects that we have done in GTA.







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